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owl33_downAndOut :: owl User owl
wall @ devart or my site. 
Shell blackbox
Style owl33 - down and out by MagnificentOwl
Wallpaper down and out 

Pitkon Earth colors, quite nice as usual, owl...
owl thanks Pitkon :)
oldskull mmm.. yummy, love graviti. thats cool owl!
El`Criticon mmmmmmmmmm the style is really good, but teh wallapaper sucks mmm the graffiti is to big! wall
owl whats with you today El`Criticon? in a bad mood? i know it's big.. it's supposed to be :) otherwise i would have made it smaller :) well i'm drunk... so don't mind me :)
owl oh and thanks oldskull :)
evolve Another Xcellent combo owl great work.
owl thx evolve. are you opening a style/wallpaper repository on your site or did you drop that idea?
evolve There are other plans in the winds But I can't give out any info at this time ; )
owl hehe ok :)
DJ Elliott I think the wall rocks :-)
oldskull yeah, the wall rocks! Dont care what people say, critic can make u more imporve!!! :)
dubox yeah, great wall! it's your best so far :)
auto Just curious, how long does it take you to make a wall like this?
owl if i exclude the sketch.. which is old.. i takes me maybe 1h :]
Dubfire nice style and good wallpaper, good to see something original coming out :) PS, whats the exact link for that wallpaper :)
owl thx :] you can get it at linkor at

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