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razor :: auto User auto
I wont be linking to wallpapers anymore for my styles after the ordeal i went through the last few days so its all bsetroot from here on out. 
Shell xoblite
Style razor 
Wallpaper generated by bsetroot 

snkmchnb auto, you're still the man
auto ;]
auto just uploaded this to my site.
owl nice one auto :] and feel free to use any of my work on DA, just note me :] why do I say this? I say it just to make the point that not all of us are as tight-assed as, not to mention any names but, Saligia :] keep up the good work auto! :]
auto The funny thing is i brought her wrath on myself by being nice enough to send her a note letting her know i made a style to match the photo. As you can tell it all went downhill from there.
necroboi hmm.. you'd think she'd be flattered :o
cthu1hu Serious lack of humor going on over there. Nice, clean style.

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