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A tribute to Wallpaper is a quick cut n paste and would require permission to release. 
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Pitkon Very good job, inauro... Why don't u upload the style?
Inauro Err, yeah. I'm not sure why i keep forgetting to upload the style files. Something to do with a sense of them being works in progress rather than finished i guess. I keep going back and tinkering with them. It'd bug me to think people were using unfinished styles. Or something like that. Most likely i just keep forgetting. Heh.
owl nice one :)
Inauro Aww, i have this large grin on my face. I've been watching styles by you guys for ages. Means a lot to have positive feedback. Thanks.
Pitkon Hey, do u have a site or another way to download ur style(s)?
owl i was just about to ask the same :)
snkmchnb Inauro, most excelent job on this style! lovin it!
Inauro I was going to ask a friend if i could hang the styles off the back end of his site, but the sod has left town for two weeks. I'll get around to re-uplpoading the styles that people have expressed an interest in soon. Thanks again for the feedback guys, i really appreciate it.

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