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Carpe Noctem :: Pitkon User Pitkon
A style I created rather hastily to check if I can upload style files using the hard disk's root as storage space instead of the original style folder under Blackbox. Which means, if u don't see the style uploaded, the experiment was a failure... Style based on "Carpe Noctem" wallpaper from, thanx to Jesterace for bringing my attention to this site, and to Inauro for providing the right address (not "ne", as in "netherlands", but "net", as in... well, "net"... Lol. 
Shell blackbox
Style carpe_noctem by Pitkon
Wallpaper Carpe Noctem, 

snkmchnb *bows down* nice work!
Pitkon Thanx, snkmchnb! Problem is, the style wasn't uploaded... Which means, there is a general problem here... I have to ask the admins, one more time, to provide some other means of uploading files - e-mailing them to the admins, for instance, if all else fails...
Jesterace you can always email them to me if you'd like and i can see what i can do
Pitkon OK, Jesterace, willdo. Thx...
Jesterace Ok i added the style files to your 2 shots you sent me.
Pitkon Thanx, Jesterace! And I'm using Mozilla Firebird now...
Inauro One word; wow.
Pitkon Thanx, Inauro... :)
Speedsta54 Hey Im new to this whole Black Box thingy. How do you get icon on your desktop. Such as, media bar, off button etc. Thanks for your help!

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