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Lay Me Down :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Hope this uploads without problems. Tribute to Jimi Hendrix, wallpapaper "Low Strung" by purafunk_da_man, permission pending to submit wallpaper. 
Shell blackbox
Style LayMeDown by Pitkon
Wallpaper Low Strung 

snkmchnb not bad at all.. thought i would leave a comment, maybe thinkin you would check a couple of my screens that didn't get comments? linkand link
Inauro The thing i like about all your screenshots, Pitkon, is that they seem to show an ideal GUI. Every piece seems to fit, and is styled really nicely. Great work as always.
Pitkon snkmchnb: Thanx. I like ur styles, specially Mac - I can't really say anything about chaos, it's a version of a version, as u very well know... lol. Inauro: Thanx,man. For me, each desktop is a work of art and should be addressed as such, finding the right components for each style. It usually reflects our mood, tho there are other factors. I work on my puter 10-12 hrs each day, so an artistic environment is a must for a fruitful outcome... And, btw, u show real talent in style making, so u should keep on doing it!
oldskull Pitkon: i agree what Inauro said, honestly i am into simple desktop. but i can said you have your own too, your style always stay with one concept. keep it good works. (sorry my english)
Pitkon Thanx, oldskull. Your English and ur thoughts are true and clear... :)

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