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idlecreatures :: El'Critic User El'Critic
inspired from idle creatures wallpaper 
Shell blackbox
Style idle creatures 
Wallpaper !no wallpaper! 

dagger How did you change your explore to look like that, or is that some other program?
oldskull this ni nice sMs, keep a good work
El`CriticonASSHO dagger: hacking dll oldskull: garcias arigato, thanx, merci, sahionara,, etc...
Pitkon You didn't have to hack any ddls to get this result, El'Criticon... However, the style is nice... U didn't need to bug anyone to get noticed...
sMs uh? about the windows explorer well i hacked, i dont know ur way to have same results, the only way i know is kacking but i still dont know how to get rid of that liittle windows flag on the top right =|
sMs mmmmmmm u can get x-setup to change almost everything on windows explorer appearence, thats a good lil app
Pitkon Browse around... There r many apps that get rid of the windows flag...

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