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If Wishes Were Horses :: Pitkon User Pitkon
A fairy tale style, based on Hermik's "A Steed's View", with his permission to submit wallpaper (some day at this site, too...) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style If Wishes Were Horses by Pitkon
Wallpaper A Steed's View by Hermik 

snkmchnb Pitkon: amazing as always..
Pitkon Thanx, snkmchnb... :)
Inauro This is really nice. Great work, Pitkon.
sicle9 nice style... I have 3 ?'s I was wondering about. 1. What is the "S" in your slit for? 2. how did you get bbslider to be slittable? 3. Is bbshelf functional? I tried it on my bb4win but doesn't actually execute the progie. Sorry to post this here but you have a collection of ?'s all wrapped up in one screen shot =) for me. tia
Pitkon Sorry for taking so long to answer, I was sleeping, too... Lol. So... Inauro: Thanx! Sicle9: 1. "S" is bbstyle, 2. The slider is not slittable, I just drag it over the slit, and, 3. For me it is, for others ain't. U can make it work, however, if u drag it to the top left edge of ur screen. Seems to like it there... lol. And thanx for the appreciation.

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