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defiance :: El`Critic User El`Critic
well i love the final results... if u like it i ll be proud, if u dont i lll be too =) 
Shell blackbox
Style defiance 
Wallpaper digital defiance 

necroboi i don't dig the neon blue that much (maybe a bit overpowering?)... other than that i think this one is refreshing and less linear than what you've done before - well done :)
Pitkon I agree with necroboi... I think it's ur alter ego who is the linear one...
El`Critic lolololol =( well,, thanx anyways,,, gotta go ,, take care
El`Critic before i go,, yeah i lvoe flat things =) i am a minimalistic (is it english) guy ,, thats why my style and blackbox setup and also my wallpaper are minimal =) ciau ppl (longue vie au blackbox)
Jesterace See you have my shogetton style :P
sMs yeap i love it =) but i cant find the wallpaper that goes with it =(( any link? =) how old is blackbox for windows? 2 years?
necroboi lol, now i understand your guilty laugh, El`Critic =P

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