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nb_01 :: matt User matt
I completely ripped the 3d image used to make this background from I basically just wanted to make a cool montage with it. Although the trained eye could actually tell how much work i really did on the image. :) 
Shell blackbox
Style mqn by mqn

Pitkon The style is cool, matt. Nice! I'd like to see the unfocused windows, too... :)
mqn thanks! I have a habit of not distinguishing between focused and non windows :) you know what would be cool is if you could alter the transparency and some animation effect for unfocused windows. Just a quick jitter and fade or something.
Pitkon You can alter the transparency in unfocused windows, but u have to use third-party appications.
mqn I used glass2k, is there a better one?
Pitkon Try Y'z Shadow

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