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Relaxed Blue Explosion :: WiReDOpTiX User WiReDOpTiX
Very cool wallpaper. i love it.. this is my first one ever! i was wondering if anyone could help me with plugins cuz im new at this. please add me to msn messenger thanks! 
Shell blackbox

sMs is good to see new faces =) u r welcome
mqn that style is pretty nice. Kind of a trek flavor (a good thing)
WiReDOpTiX haha, i didnt mean for it to be trekkie style haha.
mqn seriously though, straight out of voyager.
WiReDOpTiX haha think u could help me a bit with making stuff?
oldskull nice, hey WiReDOpTiX go download BBWinSkin to replace your ShellWM.
Pitkon Welcome aboard, Wire, this is an excellent first effort. Keep it up!
Pitkon Hmmm... I also realized I like it so much because it reminds me of my In Utero style, some screenies back... Almost a dead ringer...
WiReDOpTiX hehe thanks Pitkon, iv been looking at lots of ur stuff on here its increadible! u must teach me the art of shell scripting muahaha lol... ok ill do that oldskull thanks for the advice
Pitkon Well, after comparing the two screenies (#730 and 724) I believe it IS my style, with snap font substituted by system font since u probably don?t have snap installed. I don?t mind at all if u use my styles ? on the contrary, I?m flattered ? but it wouldn?t hurt if u included credits in the style box while submitting screenies.
WiReDOpTiX sorry man... is there any simple style editors out there?
Pitkon The simplest one u can find it is Whitebox. U can get it from the nightlies page. I personally use bbnote cause it's easier to check styles on the way, but u have to use a template (an older style) for that...
WiReDOpTiX pitkon if u have msn could u add me? thats if you have free time to help that is haha
Pitkon Sorry, I don't use IMs anymore... What was starting as a 5 minute chat would went on for 2 hrs, with everyone but my aunt Enrietta dropping in... lol. So, it's e-mail for me - and a better way to compose/detail q&as...
Inauro Nice work Wire. Wall reminds me of the classic [url]linkNeedle[/url] theme by r00tV.
El`Critic yeap this is in utero style by Pitkon
Pitkon Wire, i am willing to help... Check ur mail, pls...

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