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Endless Sleep :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Tried to create an almost integrated style that would sort of imbed in the background, being an unobtrusive part of it... The real challenge was the color blend; hope it worked out ok... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Endless Sleep by Pitkon
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WiReDOpTiX wow, that realy blends in...i love it.. you should make some kinda request thing for styles ahaha..
Inauro So, Pitkon, do ever actually sleep? Nice work as always.
Pitkon Thanx, guys... Wire, check ur mail... Inauro, yes, I do sleep (from time to time... lol) but I work even now... I stop from time to time to switch styles and to check da box... :)
dubox yeah, abnormis style ;)

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