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owl37-experiment01 :: owl User owl
wall is an adaptation of an art piece i made a couple of days ago. download from devart or my site.

enjoy :] 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style owl37 - Experiment 01 by MagnificentOwl
Wallpaper experiment 01 - adaptation 

Pitkon Ah, good old Owl strikes again... Tack bra for this... :) My greetings to Sverige...
necroboi i *really* like this style and wall... i think this one and '42 gun badboy' are my favs of yours :)
Inauro This is fantastic owl.
owl thanks :] Pitkon: "tack bra" is the only words yo know in swedish/svenska? if so i can extend your vocabulary a bit :) Pitkon, necroboi & Inauro: keep up the good work, nothing but love :]
Pitkon Owl: I did Swedish for a year, damn me if I remember a thing; lol... What really got me was that the article was part of the noun and got itself at the end of each word... Lol. But I love Sweden, been there thrice...
owl hehe.. you had a girl over here or something?
Pitkon Hey, how did u know? Lol
owl hehe.. that's usually the only reason people come here :)
Pitkon That's not true, owl. I loved Sweden, girl or no girl. The third time I came over we had split, but I came back for the country and the people...

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