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something to think about... :: xo0m User xo0m
got the wallpaper off of deviantart...i forget who the author is... 
Shell xoblite
Style shaded light --- by snkmchnb 

Velda What Trillian skin is that? ive seen it before but have never found the download for it.
mqn nice :)
xo0m its called microscopic pro 2.0 by cubbie. it can be found on the trillian website :)
snkmchnb xo0m: i'm flattered that you used my style for the wall, but next time try and not post things that are that graphic ;)
Tres`ni It's a nice screenie, but it does push the border as far as the site guidelines are conserned. Me and the other moderators are dicussing this to decide how closely it toes the line, and on which side. xo0m: This is nothing agianst you personally, as you have been and always will be a great asset to this community, this is a reclarification of what is allowed on this site.
Tres`ni The "Advisory" was added by me, I have backed up the original images until us moderators come to a decision.
xo0m its all gravy baby
dubox good idea, tres`ni. so i can upload my explicit styles in the future?
mqn slightly less nice now :)
Tres`ni dubox: I'm threating to make a blackbox plugin that makes a styles "Advisory" thingy, then you can edit your pictures yourself :-P mqn: Agreed, but the image was toeing the line, so we made sure it wasn't until we come to a final decision.

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