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Subconscious :: jesterace User jesterace
Just a style based on this wallpaper that can be found at 
Shell blackbox
Style Subconscious by Jesterace
Wallpaper Gnome Beast Blue II from 

Pitkon I love this, Jesterace! :)
Inauro Beautiful, Jesterace. Reminds me of the very best of the Litestep themes i used to use. Clean, and lightweight. Respect.
qwilk Hi J, nice style! However, I just noticed a bug in the code that extracts the colour for the inactive task text, and if neither of windowlabel/label/clock it should (afai can tell at least) use toolbar.textColor, which isn't defined in your style. Msg me if you want the details! :)
qwilk Hmm, actually it may not be a bug... just a case of conflicting "sanity checks" between the different systembar versions. Nonetheless, you may want to include toolbar.textColor next time, just in case... =]
qwilk Heh, actually, this is pretty interresting... snkmchnb's "Trendwhore" style requires the use of toolbar.textColor for the inactive task text colour, but your style relies on bb4win's (not so ideal) fallback to the windowlabel text colour. I guess we should decide on the correct behaviour to avoid a lot of mismatch in the future... Any other devs listening? (btw J, which *box are you running?)
qwilk snkmchnb's style -> link
jesterace Yea I usually put that in a style when I notice I can't read the bbsysbar text for some things Tho this style was sorta hurried so I didn't think about inputting it :P

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