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fusionOFmemories :: El`Critic User El`Critic
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Style fusionOFmemories 
Wallpaper fusion of memories 

mqn very nice.
merry where can I find the WP?
sMs wallpaper is on devianart =)
merry thnx man. I like ur style, very cool. Keep the good working =)
sMs thanx merry thanx mqn
sMs link to wallpaper link
Pitkon Think this is ur best so far, sMs... Why don't u upload the style?
El`Critic thanx pitkon, and it s all flat! good u like it.. since u r the tough one to impress =P and i dont know how to upload styles
Pitkon Go to submit screenshot, fill the other fields like u always do, and in the box style name OR style file hit browse, search on ur hard disk until u find the folder where ur style is, hit open, and, voila! Style uploaded. And I don't really like flat and solid, not flat and gradient... :)
merry hey man, did u already upload the style?

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