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Style sherbert by sicle9

Pitkon This is very good, sicle9. Why don't u upload the style?
sicle9 Ya know I thought about that after the fact... But I don't know how I would upload that now...
El`Critic ON the right top corner, there s a clock, how did u do that? using bbsysmon? or how?
Tres`ni sicle9: Email me the style and I can upload it for ya
sicle9 El`Critic: that clock is Beatnik Internet Clock that I have bb4win templates made to match my styles [url]link Its free and can auto update with the atomic clock.
El`Critic thanx siclle9, is it difficult to skin beatnik?
sicle9 its probably one of the easiest things I have ever skinned... it has a built in skinning feature that does almost all of the work for you except make the graphics

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