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graveyard :: NC-17 User NC-17
requested by |burn0ut|, and lovingly made :) 
Shell blackbox
Style graveyard by nc-17 (

mqn nice, though resistance is futile :)
snkmchnb 'bout time you released a new style :D
auto nice ;]
burn0ut requested by |burn0ut|, and lovingly made :) gracias
NC-17 haha, thanks guys. It is a great wallpaper. You have your boxen, and an overall cube shape. Perfect for *box. and its dark... and light. Interesting dichotomy (sp?) And i suppose if you like star trek... hahha. Hopefully I'll do a few more styles in the coming weeks.
qwilk Mmm, really nice! ...even without the wallpaper! :D
Pitkon Long tine no style, NC-17... Glad to see a new one of urs - though it's darker than the ones I'm accustomed to... Must be ur dark period. Nice, anyway.
Inauro There's something vaguely creepy about that image. Must be why i like it. Great style even without the wall!
cthu1hu It reminds me of those weird "Cube" movies. Man, how they mess with my head. Something about their combining of math with horror gives me the jibblies. Great style, also.

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