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Duppy :: Jesterace User Jesterace
Latest style named after my late huskey "Duppy"

Wallpaper at link
Shell blackbox
Style Duppy by Jesterace
Wallpaper Girl_893 

Tres`ni Awww crap! :-P Apparently something is not right.. Need to check the order in which the bb code is parsed, I think that's the problem...
Jesterace haha I didn't use bbcode :P i used
Tres`ni Did you use HTML?
Jesterace indeed i did :P oopsy hehe
Pitkon Looks great, anyway... :)
oldskull nice style! mmmm Tres`ni: normally I just put http for link and never used [url] command.
Tres`ni Using http:// should be fine, using html is "bad"
dubox nice style :)
El`Critic i like this one =) nice colors, good effect using interlaced
appleseed nice^^. i dont have find the wallpaper... do you have a direct link to it please?

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