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Modern :: evolve User evolve
A Style based on the defualt wa5 colorscheme.
Thinking of putting together an entire pack.
Does it sound like an idea? 
Shell blackbox
Style Modern 
Wallpaper set by bsetroot 

Inauro Sounds like a great idea. Nice style too, evolve ^^
Pitkon I agree with Inauro. Funny thing is, I am in the middle of creating an entire pack (30+ styles) for something quite different, so I love the "pack" ideas... :)
evolve I got a few suggestions of which ones to do so I'm going to start putting it together and 30+styles in a pack, That's alot. kinda looking forward to see what you come up with
multifate evolve how did you only 1 button showing on the winskined title bar? i tried different numbers but i get blank spots where the buttons are. but yours the title bar stretches over it
evolve in my winskin.rc I have the title buttons set up as 123004 after I did that then I switched styles and it worked. I had the same problem you did till i did the above
Spectre013 do you have this for download anywhere?

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