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So, creativity is some special kind of stuff, and there is nothing to replace it nor practice. Also means to invoke that inner resource are different to individuals, so the result is quit independent from using that tool or another.

Now, thanks to all you styleauthors who gave me the honour to include one of your generic artworks into the bbLean release. The entire collection of all submitted styles is also available here: link .

Special thanks to Pete for testing bbStyleMaker, it wouldn't be what it is if there weren't his feedbacks. Though, I am not quite shure if I can believe him. that he just made 5 styles in one hour :=) Be shure to checkout in the above package his special "for bblean 1.10" style series, which he did exclusively for the release.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style makingof by grischka

Pitkon Thanx, grischka. No, I lied. In fact, I authored 6 styles in one hour... Lol.
merry NICE MAN! REALLY NICE! all is just PERFECT! =)
sMs yeah i love it, but i dont know how to pur a background =( rootCommand: bsetbg -full backgrounds\designc
hapel.jpg it doesnt work =( whats wrong? =)
grischka sMs: I bet you have two rootCommands now in the style... ;)
sMs actually 23 =), well i know what was my problem with backgrounds, one mmore question how can i make my slit transparent?
cthu1hu Love it. Very cool. Thanks grischka and Pitkon. It is striking, going through all those styles, the amount of creativity that went into to them.
Pitkon Thank YOU, cthu1hu, but all I think grischka was too generous in his comments; all I did was some testing - full credits are his and his alone...

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