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Homeworld :: frantic User frantic
One to go with all those reddish screenshots from Homeworld2 (the best looking game ever). Based on lighthouse blue. 
Shell xoblite
Style homeworld by frantic (
Wallpaper Homeworld by frantic 

sMs i want that plugin timeworld =P gimme
Pitkon Very nice, frantic
sMs mmmmmmmmm xoblite bb2 mmmmmmm nice
Gethsejeveon I have two of your styles which are often used faves, being "blacklight" and "space". I dig your style. Ah shucks, how silly. . . By the way, your slit looks functional, and I "dig" that as well.
frantic thx for the kind words, although i don't think i actually possess a style of my own. I'm more a stealer than anything else. By the way, never say "your slit looks functional" to a woman - luckily i'm not one (:
Gethsejeveon []=-)

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