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Xim :: auto User auto
Just a style based on the ximian logo. 
Shell Nix Box
Style Xim 

Pitkon Can't say I like the wallpaper, but the style is great. It deserves a better wp.
El`Critic sorry papa, but the wallpaper is nice, simple, minimal, nice fuckinsg style =) wheres the style? upload? wallpapaer link?
auto Pitkon: I based the style on the logo, i thought using this wallpaper would be a good contrast to all the orange in the style. El`Critic: ill upload it to my site tonight.
Pitkon Auto: Yeah, I guessed that's what u did and the style rocks. El'Critic: Mind ur language. We may have minors here.
el`Critic? uh? r u all right pitkon? what did i say?
el`Critic dont forget to uplaod the style too =) cuz i cant find teh wallpaper surfing
Inauro Ximian, everyone's favourite monkey logo distro. What's that you say? It's the only monkey logo distro? ^_~ Nice style auto, and i love the wallpaper too.

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