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darksky :: NC-17 User NC-17
made by request from Mortar

wallpaper from link

nice and dark... running bbwinskin with bbslit autohidden at the top. 
Shell blackbox
Style darksky by nc-17 (
Wallpaper DARK-SKY.jpg 

oldskull lovely style! bravooo...
Pitkon Not ur usual style, NC-17, but nice anyway... Must be too windy and snowy in Chicago... :)
NC-17 usual style? i have no usual style! :) I'm not even in Chicago, I'm in the north east of England atm actually :) glad y'all like it.
Pitkon Lol... I meant colorful style. And I remember u said u were somewhere near Chicago?
NC-17 i was, for christmas, and im moving back there after i graduate uni this year, too. i've lived there before too, 90-96. im really liking this style now... might make a lighter version or something so i can see the detail a bit easier though for personal use
oldskull NC-17: I am currently used this style now. But i had to adjust some to make my taste, like border 1, bevelwidth 1, frame 1 and handlewidth 5. :) I love this one with only the rootcommand wall.
Pitkon NC-17: I see... So, it did remind me of Windy City, but I guess NE of England is as good a place as any for this sort of atmo, specially this time of the year...
El`Critic what handlewidth does? and framewidth?
multifate bbwinskin? looks like leanskin to me if it is winskin i want!
NC-17 yah, tis winskin. =]
Mortar Thats the best damned dark style ever. I love how the wall gives a subtle hint of non-dark over the horizon.
necroboi well done! hey look - i'm filed and monitored under 'N' :bg:

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