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crypton build 0.222 :: crypton User crypton
After my first screenshot I posted here, I devided to make use of grischka's style builder and just give it a try. The style and some config changes are the results.

I still use Serious Samurize for the system info, now console as "command line".

What do you think? 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blue Simplicity by crypton
Wallpaper n/a, sth. from 

crypton Ehm guys, sorry for the text in my console box *g*. I had to test certain performance aspects of "console" and had to type sth... Why do always such pervert things come to my mind? Probably I got that strange illness... ;) I hope no one minds.
FSEVN Ok man, i have searched far and wide for that "Console" that you have on that screenshot. where can i find it?
crypton You only have to look in the forums ;) But allright here you go: link you can customize the console through an xml "config" file.

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