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Each BBInterface button in the slit on the left calls its own custom Blackbox menu. Pressing a button runs a batch file that replaces menu.rc with the custom menu.rc for that button, runs the bblean broam to display the menu (@bbcore.showmainmenu), and then runs a 2nd batch file that restores the original menu.rc (but the custom menu stays onscreen until you dismiss it). With this I've been able to take all the less-used subfolders out of my right-click menu...Control Panel, Blackbox submenu, Styles, a music folder, and the Goodbye submenu.

Wallpaper is a Princess Mononoke wallpaper from here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Moshi\'s SPECTRE 

Theo Interesting use of BBI, i didnt thought of that.... good work...
looper Thanks, Theo. :)
grischka Hehe, looper, okay, you'll get it easier with next version :)
Nightbreed I agree looper, that is a great setup. If you want, I have some sample scripts that changes the function of the sliders and mute buttons. So you can have one slider and mute and click a button to change between Master, wave, etc...
looper Heh heh, cool, grischka. :D Thanks, Nightbreed, much appreciated. I only use Master Volume, but a Mute button could be useful for me. Send me that part of the script if you'd like. Thanks! :)
frantic What's the ToDo thingy? I've been looking for a nice simple ToDo thingy for ages.
looper lt's part of Rainlendar (the calendar below it).

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