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KatieKat :: Arc Angel User Arc Angel
This is the third in my NING or No, I'm Not Gay series. Having based the first series on animated and comic book characters, this one contends itself with the Real Life versions of the fairer sex. A 3DCC hass been included at the end of the style. Wallpaper available at link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style KatieKat by Arc Angel
Wallpaper Katie_Price_(Jordan).jpg 

NC-17 mmmm, tasty. 100% processed plastic and airbrushing :) it's a real life barbie doll!
anvil get more out of a real barbie doll than her unfortunately.. Maybe i have no taste club..... sorry chick wallpapers are to the desktop as explorer is to a bb4win user....
NC-17 well, i think most of us agree with that too. however not so the popular masses of places like deviant art, which have accused arc angel of being gay because from all his great screenies none have shown a typical adolescent pinup. oh well what do they know :)
Arc Angel Umm, just to clairify, no one on devart (or any other site for that matter) made an accusation. It was through irc and e-mail correspondence alleging to the idea. An examination of descriptions in my previous NING animated series will extrapolate my thoughts concerning the matter...
Nightbreed I for one think you put out great styles Arc. If there is something you feel strongly about, no matter how you aproach it, there's always going to be those few individuals that don't agree. Just post the styles that depict yourself and forget about what others think
anvil Yeah just don't post any background pictures of you and all your women....:) well...maybe an avril one, she has such a cute mouth, god i'm old, i feel like a dirty old man now....
AJ ok, let me get this straight. Since you do not usually post screenshots that include women some have made references to you being homosexual? hmmm, seems a little odd to me. Personally, I have no strong feeling one way or the other about women showing up on desktops. I have styles with and without. The women themselves have no real influence on how I rate those styles. Shame to be stigmatized as anything you are not. Although there is nothing wrong with any sexual orientation (but beastiallity is kinda gross) I know plenty of hetero friends who would hate to be mislabeled as gay friends who either would hate to be mislabled or hate that they feel like they must pretend to be straight. Kinda sad it even has to be an issue anymore. Just my 2 cents.
AJ first "mislabeled as" should be "mislabeled and".. I should never make a serious point when horribly tired lol. The typing can't do it justice :)
cthu1hu I used to get hit on by gay people all the time, before I became a recluse. Man, that's annoying. /life story in one sentence.
looper Seems like if you're a guy and you live in a big city, you're bound to get hit on by a guy. It's happened to me and every one of my brothers since they've moved to the city. :P But yeah, it is sad it has to be an issue.
Arc Angel I wanted to say thanks for the comments, positive and negative and although I posted the NING series more out of spite than anything, it was also an experiment, and here at the finale I'd have to wonder if my initial feeling about popularity through flesh peddling was misdirected, or at least limited in scope. I did not receive the deluge of "she's wicked sick dude"'s that I had expected to abhor, but there was more feedback overall. It was funny to watch the wide scope of responses that returned over something so trite, I can't say that I have seen so much action on crackmonkey in a while. I do not feel that any of the desktops were tasteless or pornographic, even the one that crackmonkey refused to post, and while some of you may have been offended by the 'gay' reference, I'm only stating a fact - I'm not. I do not feel I have proven anything one way or the other, nor did I start out to, it was just an itch that required scratching.
anvil Yeah! Heres to Arc - Raises Glass of Wine
xMonKeyx Deffinately the best styler around. Awesome job Arc. I need to start putting some more out.

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