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ask the mountains :: fu User fu
samurize,foobar2000 and oh so beautiful "ask the mountains" by vangelis playing :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style futiger 

multifate man that is a sweet lookin style, post it! 8(
laba second that... u should really post the style.
fu here you go: link
EgOrus Anybody know what a nice font was used in this style? Fu! answer plz, and if you can send it to
fu just take a look in the stylefile ;) it can be found at: link
EgOrus thanks, very rare one, it would be the best font for my style (after I modify it, add cyr simbols :) And one more question - what winXP theme on this screen? buttons and sliders look very good (or it's just a Foobar skin?)
fu its "tiger" by kol, found here link

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