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Albatross :: pforg User pforg
I submitted this style once before, but it was a patch. Here is the finished product. The wall kills me. 
Shell blackbox
Style Albatross by
Wallpaper Devart/browse dark 

Inauro Really nice work, pforg.
snkmchnb beautifully done, pforg
laba here's the link to the wallapaper, should someone want it link
soldan Thank you, using skin right now...
winder Great looking style, and the wallpaper is great. My only complain would be the font is too big; I switched it back to a nice 12pt to suit me better ;)
winder stupid question... how do you get the console to look so clean? (I mean... the background)... (and yes, I know it's not cmd you're running, I'm asking about actual console settings :P)
pforg winder: You may not have the font itself loaded, and/or depending on your resolution... I've used it on less than 16x12 rez and it is too big there as well. For console, you can edit the .xml file it reads to change, transparency, fonts, etc.
pforg Something like this: ---- true regular normal true fake fading block ---
winder Ahh, so you're using the fake transparency; that was it. I usually use the alpha one, which is very nice looking, but often leads to text that's not very readable...

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