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grey and black :: seeingred User seeingred
bblean - RushG by PulsarStargrave
vs - cube2 by whistl3r (recolored by heylove)
wall - starchasers by Imrik (recolored by me accidently (see below))
icons - simple things by whistl3r
y'z - simple things by Agent Orange

funny thing with the wallpaper. i was messing around in photoshop and tweaking the saturation and contrast to make this wall suit RushG. As i was holding the saturation slider i sneezed and it ended up matching RushG's colors PERFECTLY.

i like this setup and have been sticking with it for a while. I ususally go for lighter dtops, but they burn my eyes now that i've started getting up at 5.00 every morning.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style RushG by PulsarStargrave 
Wallpaper Starchasers by Imrik 

AlmostX Very Good ......
snkmchnb nice
ser Vi Like this one

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