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long nucleon facility :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is a style i made based upon some digital art produced by blockhead. ( find it here link )
blockhead does some pretty amazing work.
Any of you folks who hang in #bb4win know who blockhead is. Hes a decent fella. I release this both with his permission and approval.
blockhead, i hope i did your artwork justice. Its a wicked wall.
thanks man.
Shell xoblite
Style long nucleon facility by thewayofzen
Wallpaper use_the_greebles_02.jpg by blockhead@devart 

doctorfrog Cool, makes me think of space mining and a little underappreciated movie called Outland.
sysboo like your style i do. tastefull your use of gradients is, hmmm. done well you have.
Rev Heh. Outland. That was a good movie. BTW, nice work, Zen.
ser VI Like that
blockhead Nice. It's really hard to make a good brown/tan style but you've pulled it off.
EngineCamel Makes me think of the Borg.

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