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nyingma :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
every now and then it happens. chick wall paper.
Regardless i think the style turned out okay. I hope someone likes it. Enjoy! -Zen 
Shell xoblite
Style nyingma by thewayofzen
Wallpaper silver_drops_WP_by_INCB.jpg 

Inauro Nice use of a limited colour set.
thomason please tell me the version of this slitted multiamp plugin! and where can i get?
Inauro Looks like BBInterface to me. You can get it from the plugins page at the Xoblite site. If you ask nicely, zen might give you his script.
Skwire Actually, I thinks it's the latest version of Multiamp (unreleased).
thewayofzen give skwire a prize :)
stanna nice work zen!! all you need to do now is include a link to the wallpaper
blockhead It's by zen, it's blue, it's got a babe in it. How can I not like it :D

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