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anathema :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
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Wallpaper modified with bsetbg. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style anathema by cthu1hu
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Rev Doooood. This is sweet.
Skwire Very slick and original. Kudos.
sMs very very nice.. as usual... i like the fonts u r using in here.. what is it??
sMs nvm... i should read the NOTES section before asking... love ur style..
sMs tight! im using it right now... and about the font.. it roks... gonna us it for all my styles =D.. too bad u havent included a 3dccc theme
cthu1hu Damn, I knew I forgot something. Here's the 3DC. And thanks for the comments.
sMs NICE SHOT =D... thanx
doctorfrog Modern! No... ultramodern! Very nice, I like how you subdued the wall and I dig the teensy-yet-readable font.
sMs still love it =D... ey cthu1hu do have more fonts similar like this one??
sMs does xplorer2 has the ability to remove all the icons? i hate the icons -_-
cthu1hu Hmm. I went through all of my pixel fonts and this is the only one that really worked... This site has a non-bold version of acknowledge and more good ones. Xplorer2 uses system icons. There may be a way to reshack it, but I'm not sure. You really need to try it though. You can make it minimal and it smokes explorer.
cthu1hu xplorer2 free version

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