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Dark Linux :: krayzone User krayzone
Just a little somthing pecied together from some other soureces, but figured I havent posted in a while,but heres what im working with now. 
Shell Nix Box
Wallpaper Linux Keyboard(what I call it) 

Herbalist Very Nice
ltj where can i get this style this xmms skin and that KEYBOARD!!!!! oh and what is that thing on the bottom left side of the screen?
Rev I imagine it's just a picture of your average Windows supported keyboard that someone has edited to replace the Window's flag logo with the Linux Penquin.
juztin i almost did a style for bb4win with this same wallpaper...looks great, krayzone
krayzone Thanks for all you alls comments, and the xmms style came from the debians testing, main and contrib reposotories.And the keyboard is jut s background its now a picuter of mines, but as Rev said, its just a normal windows keyboard with a linux logo in place of the windows logo. Im sure if you check around you might beable to find a linux logo to replace that particular key. And thats "torsmo" in teh bottom left of my screen. Must say it has lots of settings.
ltj the style is great thanks, and torsmo is nice too ^_^

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