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trustymix2 :: webmedic User webmedic
Just the second revision of a theme I've been working on. For some reason it did not work quite properly with systembarex. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style TrustyMix by webmedic

webmedic I know it more or less looks like windows but at least it doesn't use as much ram and I'm working on themes for my bootable recovery cd which do best when they look like windows for the ease of use for others. By the way how do I show the menu and also an active window at the same time. The bbleanskin on the active window looks like the systembar.
guy caballero you left-click on the menu's title to make it sticky. you can also make it always on top in the prefs
webmedic Now I dont know why I didn't think of that thanks.
SnackySmores nice dude, the wall seems interesting. where did you get it?
webmedic I cant remember right off it may have been deviantart. But really I think I most likely pulled it from nttp. In a bit here I'll post another one showing the desktop. and hopefully the theme with the transparent elements like i wanted.

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