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sourdough :: crowmag User crowmag
A while back sum1 posted a link to Pixel Freak in the tagbox. I was really impressed, no fancy software doing most of the work for you, this kind of stuff is done a pixel at a time in nothing more than MS Paint... WoW!

The wall is actually a crop of the bottom-left corner of the poster available here: link , I got 6 walls from the poster including center crops!

If you notice, and I'm you can't help but notice, this ss shows bbLeanSkin 1.13b6 with the "bbleanskin.option.nixShadeStyle:" parameter set to true (it was set to false in the previous ss's).

3DC file and alternate bsetroot bg included. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style sourdough by crowmag :
Wallpaper pixelfreak_poster_(bottom-left).png 

Arc Angel That wallpaper is in dire need of a a Postal Guy ;)
crowmag lol... now that you mention it , it is missing a postal dude.
Theo LOL... is that a wallpaper or are you playing "sim city 5" in the background ;-)
Dragon12 Awesome! Like the cheerleaders in the street.

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