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3l33t Desktop :: Pharcyde User Pharcyde
Getting a little lazy, found this awesome wallpaper at link and just found a style that matches, modified it a little bit ('cuz i'm picky), I don't have time to custom design a style at work, so I make due...

Comments are apprecated (this is my favorite by far) 
Shell xoblite
Style faia by thewayofzen
Wallpaper Cain 

thewayofzen thanks for using my style ! :) ur desktop looks great..
sMs yeah it matches =D
pHarciDe BAH!
Pharcyde BAH?? Something against me b/c we have similar (yet not identicial) handles?
Namuan at the top you have your task tray, and the running progs beside it, how do you get that?

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