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elementrio :: todeskampf User todeskampf
And speaking of blinding white wallpapers. Here is one more: Elementrio. Some of you will remember this wallpaper 'cause Tzec made a style with this same wallpaper. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Elementrio 
Wallpaper Elementrio 

Herbalist Not bad....I think I would have used a little more color though. Like some of the green, red, and blue. Maybe like on the buttons. Just my opinion. Still alot better than the first ones that I made. :)
todeskampf More color? Yeah, That's a great idea. That's how I should've done it!. I guess I still have to break some patterns inside my head to become less orthodox about the use of colours. And some basic knowledge about color theory would also help.
snkmchnb i got the double post for you, nice work but yes, i would add more color.

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