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Aybu Too :: looper User looper
The wall in the screenshot M4uR1g10 posted earlier today was really cool, so I had to go looking at that guy's work. Here's the result! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Aybu_again by looper
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snkmchnb not bad but the orange text on the blue is hard to read..
looper Hmm, good point. Not nearly as hard to read "in person" as it comes out in the screenshot though. I tried changing it to a different color after reading your post but something was lost if I changed it too much. I came up with 2 options: change the orange text in menu/title and window/unfocused to the darker orange color of the menu/frame. Also, using a bulky font like aqui helps too. Thanks for the comment.
looper Edit: try this: for the unfocused window text--#FFFFFF. For the menu title text--#D68836. Cheers!
M4uR1g10 mmmm it reminds me something familiar.....ehehe..
.Good job!!! ;)

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