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GaramMarsala :: Adamas User Adamas
Worked a bit more on my GaramMarsala port. Original Litestep theme by Moshi:
Not sure if I'm gonna add the green window label from the toolbar to the windows yet, as that would break away from the original. As said previously, I'm not releasing any more themes until bbwinskin arrives. Comments/suggestions?
Shell blackbox
Style GaramMarsala 
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downsouth Looks real good Adamas. Looks like your bbicons are in the slit. but the latest bb icons arent suported yet. what am I missing.
adamas I'm using 2.00a, so says the almighty about box :-) It appears that bb4win download for 2.00 isn't working so I'd ask tres'ni about it.
adamas Sorry, forgot to mention: Click on the latest link. I'm not positive, but I think the bbicons.dll there is the slitable one. If not ask Tres'ni.
oldskull I think BBIcons already a long time slitable. Anyway this is great!

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