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I_Am_Pretty :: clovemagic User clovemagic
I know it's not subtle, but SHE is playing a BASS. I'm not entirely happy with the sidebar config, but SHE is playing a BASS. It's kind of pink, but SHE is playing a BASS. I guess she really reminds me of me in my band days (sans the skeleton accesories). None of which matters because the CHICK is playing a BASS. Am I making myself clear? ::LOL:: 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper I_Am_Pretty by Delya, at DA 

lyrae Fantastic works. Love the sidebar!
Nightbreed as clear as a rainy day Clove :-P lol.... Cool style. She reminds me of a neighbor... Throw me in there with my Strat and lets jam.. ;-)
Pitkon Great matching colors, clove! And what's wrong with the sidebar? Looks alright to me... BTW, noticed something u probably didn't: the chick is playing a BASS! :D
clovemagic ::LOL:: NB, I'm ready for a new band. Pitkon will be our drummer. Thanks for the comments, guys. :-D
clovemagic @lyrae: Thank you so much. I admire your work very much.
Pitkon AND singer... I'm Jim Morrison incarnated... :D
snkmchnb nice work, clovemagic. i'll be the one over in the corner headbanging.
Nightbreed least someone else is singing. I sound like Jim Morrison carnated.. lmao.. And yeah, Clove, what about the sidebar don't you like?
clovemagic Pitkon can absolutely be our singer. The only way I'll sing is if we do punk covers so I can scream the lyrics instead of actually following a melody. ::lmao:: @snkmchnb: Thanks. As headbanger, you have the most important job. :D Re the sidebar: I don't know. It's ok, but I can't help feeling that it could be better integrated from a design perspective. Maybe later . . .
Nightbreed Whenever ya get questionable about your sidebar just look at, who's name will remain annon.. link and rejoice.. lmao
clovemagic ::LOL:: Touche'.
Gaddar nice work :)
clovemagic Thank you, Gaddar.
Yowesephth So... wait... is she playing a bass? Heh! This is a nice. I always liked darker-pink and black.

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