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Project A3 :: Shawan User Shawan
This is my first theme and I want to improve my future ones so tell what do you think :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Project A3 

Pitkon The style is not bad atll. I guess u r usi ng my sidebar, but some parts and icons need fixing :)
Shawan Thanks Pitkon, it's a credit to me to have your comment :) Actually I've taken your "show/hide" bar and your "style setter" (hope you don't mind that's because I've mainly learned how worked bbinterface studying your own interface ) but I'm going to modify them more. Just one last thing, which part in particular need to be fixed?
Pitkon U r very welcome. I was referring to various icons not shown on the buttons... I don't mind at all, it;s an honor
Shawan Oops, am I blind?, thank you I haven't even noticed...I was so self-absorbed into making colours that would fit with the wallpaper...I'm such a silly girl
Pitkon It's quite alright, it happens :)
Lord E. Ooh, very nice. Great choice of colours.
Reverend Whoa. Wait. What's this? Another female joins our ranks?
Nightbreed Nice style Shawan, and welcome aboard...
shawan Thanks Lord erector, Reverend and Nightbreed for your welcome and your comments :) wah I didn't think such famous themers would comment my style...even though I was hoping it
Reverend It's okay. I'm not one of the 'famous' ones anyway. Heh.
Shawan Don't worry Reverend, I love unfamous commenters at least as much as famous ones :)
Reverend Oh good. Hehe.
Reverend *shifty, plug-plug-plug*
Nightbreed Welcomed Shawan :D.. And ah.. when have you stopped being famous Rev? :-P
Shawan You're famous I knew it! Anyway everybody's here is famous except the newbies like me but one day will come when... Actually I had already seen your site, I like your themes a lot especially vader1 *want to be part of rev fanclub *:D Aren't you rev on devart as well?
Reverend NB: I dunno. *l* |-|-|-| Shawan: Nah. Even back in '02 'reverend' was already taken as a username. *mutter* malphator.deviantart
.com is me. Heh. As for the fanclub... errr ... I didn't know there was one. O.o

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