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Building on Fire :: Lord E. User Lord E.
Man, I am on quite a roll..

Couldn't find the wallpaper due to the fact that deviantart seems to be down right now. Wasn't a wallpaper anyway (well, not wallpaper-size at least), I had to resize/crop it to make it fit my desktop.

Quite nice, if I do say so myself. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Absence of Vision by Lord Erector
Wallpaper Absence of Vision 

Pitkon Beautiful style! I used gr4Dm4n's rendition of this artwork to author a style of my own a long time ago. link The zip includes the wallpaper-sized artwork :)
Lord E. Thanx.. :) BTW, here's a link to the artwork by alexiuss.
sMs nice bbleansking buttons (glyphs) where to find them?
Lord E. Here .. look for wickedlester's post.
sMs ty very much
jay-freedom i love it

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