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Crystal Saybr :: Dragon12 User Dragon12
It's been a little while since I have had a chance to work on a new style and this one has taken little bit to get just right. I hope that no one has done this exact style yet!

The style was inspired by RPGFX's Saber wallpaper. You can find the wall at link

Hope y'all enjoy! 
Shell xoblite
Style Saybr by Dragon12
Wallpaper Saber 

Shawan this style looks great on my desktop even with my tekken wall :)
Pitkon Very good work! I'd probably use orange for the active window as well, but it's only me.
Dragon12 Thanks Shawan & Pitkon! I also should have thanked NC-17 for the help on some issues I was having with this style.
Dragon12 Shawan, What does the tekken wall look like? I didn't see any tekken walls in all of your screenshots.
Shawan It's a tekken5 wall I can send it to you if you want...
Dragon12 Thatwould be cool! Thanks!

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