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White :: Rain User Rain
wallpaper done by me.....wasnt to sure on the colors for the style any comments would be apreciated...hehe lil to bright for me 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style mywhite by Rain

Pitkon It is indeed too bright :) Perhaps u should go for solid colors here... Nice wall!
Nightbreed I don't know, I personally like it. The mixing of white with the yellows are really well done. Im not too sure about the wall, but I think the style itself can stand on it's own.
Rain thanks for the comments....was playing around this morning and ended up with a picture i liked, and thought id try and make a style for it........I like the way the style itself turned out but maybe with a less bright wall it would be better.
Dragon12 Nightbreed speaks for me on this one. But I like the wall though.

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