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Green World :: Mac User Mac
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style mywhite by Rain

Rain hehe that doesnt look like mywhite.......
Mac well, this is my first time to submit snapshot and forgot to change :)
jimmy It looks good ;)
Lord E. I agree with Jimmy, it looks pretty good indeed.
Wenli nice color,welcome to the bb why not to try a file manager like total commander or xplorer2?i think it's the reason to use an alternative shell.
Mac thanks all and thanks Wenli for the recommendation, but actually I prefer the file manage shell similar to explorer.exe :)
Shoat Mm. Where'd you get that wallpaper from?
Desu Where'd you get that CPU, RAM, etc. meter? Also, I love your desktop. Looks really good!
Desu Oh yeah, how'd you get it so the taskbar thing buttons are in color? I hate them being in grayscale.

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