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BlackboxRMX :: cosmo-krusty User cosmo-krusty
just for those who remember the times windows users had use litestep to imitate blackbox. :-)

litestep: blackboxRMX by moshi
cursorXP: grounation by moshi
iconpackager: gnome256 by copland 
Shell blackbox
Style BlackboxRMX 
Wallpaper Long Farewell by relativity17 

cthu1hu sweet. i want the style and the file manager ;)
Reverend Agreed. That file manager is the shizz..
qwilk Bah, newbies! ;P The styles is an old classic called "Artwiz", you can get it as part of the default fluxbox styles pack from link
cosmo-krusty thanks guys. (: yap its an artwiz based lstheme by moshi. ported to ots for use with newer lsbuilds by me. (: tip: use this rainmeter skin with the artwiz-bbstyle: link
Reverend I just want that file manager.. heh. Simple, minimalistic, gets the job done, and has a dual pane that offers a tree view. ~grabby hands~
elricfate I can't find it, which leads me to believe that it might be a bbinterface frame. But hey, cosmo-krusty, drop me an email if it's something better. I'd love to play with it.
cosmo-krusty hey guys. everything you see in this screenshot is part of the litestep (link theme - including that filemanger. the theme is available here: link but you have to make it ots (open theme standard) compliant to get it workin. i guess you guys dont remeber the times when bb4win was in the first steps and "windowsers" had to use other shellreplacements like LITESTEP to get the blackbox feelin. (:
elricfate Ah. Great. So it's for litestep, not blackbox. Thanks for sharing. *wanders away.*
xavier-dl Uh, yeah. He mentioned that in the notes, had you actually read them. :P
elricfate Nah. I don't read notes on styles. I was more interested in the file manager. :-P Where I find that pager??
dubox link

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