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milky gnome? :: dgen User dgen
Notes it's gnomish :x 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style milky gnome? 
Wallpaper classic aqua graphite 

thewayofzen link to the wall?
thewayofzen nevermind.. link
Roots woot more gnome-ness :D looks good
Nightbreed Cool setup dgen
butz Is that a menu with application icons? How did you did it?
dgen all working with bbI :) same for places and system (system has also 'more'...i only have the ones i use most though) the gnome icon on righttop shows me a shutdown frame in the centre of the screen :)
dgen oh forgat to say thank you all for the compliments :)
Schmots wanna zip up all the configs and share them? pretty please
Pitkon Great work again, dgen :)
Shawan Really nice :)
dgen thx guys :) btw, i just added a little mediaplayer for it link
Schmots Still want to look at your configs :-)

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