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Ubuntu is so nice :: Nfol User Nfol
Visual Style: ClearLooks

I hope you like this screenshot! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style clearlooks_s2_human by Nfol

Nfol The wallpaper can be found in Ubuntu Linux distributions, but I can give a link if requested.
captain i used that vs for a long time with my ubuntu theme. the xp icon kinda spoils it for me, but i'm nitpicky like that. nice style and, if you so desire, i can send you the ubuntu icon in png format to add to your bar there.
Nfol By "xp icon" you mean the flag in the upper left corner, right? Well, I use that for a reason. Thanks for your offer, I do have the Ubuntu icon, but I am happy with that flag.
Delano Hehe... you should call it "Wubuntu" :p

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