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Shot :: Sin User Sin
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Shihono Ryo 

Pitkon Now, what the heck is bbstyles? Looks really interesting... Am I missing something due to my absences?
Sin BBInterface ;;
Sin @BBInterface Control SetAgent Styles_Horizontal_No rmal_Styles_1 LeftMouseUp Bro@m "@BBCore.Style C:\BBLean\Styles\ Styles\Styles_Horiz ontal_Normal\Styles _1.Style"
Pitkon Lol... Of course... Thanx, Sin...
Pitkon Would be a good idea to post the whole thing... :)
pkt-zer0 What would that in the lower right corner be? Don't tell me I'm this much behind the times and there's an albumart blackbox plugin that works with foobar.
Nightbreed If you use winamp spam plugin you can make album art work with winamp controls under tcl.. All it has to do is monitor song change and load the folder.jpg file that winamp uses.
roots I like it :) very neet stuff you have got going with BBi and tcl. Haven't done anything new desktop wise, maybe if I get bored or am not working so much, I will do somethin new
pkt-zer0 Okay, let me rephrase. I wasn't even aware there was one for winamp. :P A name/link, please.
Nightbreed There isn't really a plugin for winamp.. but with ActiveWinamp you can do it and tons of other things. link
cthu1hu There's a few album art winamp plugins. I recently got rid of one when I started using simplicity skin .
Nightbreed A lot of winamp communication doesn't even need to be done from the blackbox side and can be handled via winamp itself and sent back to blackbox. Doing an album cover viewer takes a few lines of either vb or tcl... with my winamp, I usually totally hide it from the tray and control it via blackbox... I don't remember the last time I used a skin for it :)
Nightbreed Here's a quick example of how I did it: link and a screenie of the example: link

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