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Coma :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
wallpaper: Green Blur by dpcdpc11 (link
Shell xoblite
Style Coma by snkmchnb (
Wallpaper Green Blur by dpcdpc11 

Nightbreed Very nice Snk... and good to see you posting something :)
cthu1hu Nice one
pkt-zer0 Awesomely awesome.
snkmchnb thanks, guys. i've missed making styles.
dubox great!
dpcdpc11 hey fool...the wallpaper is by dpcdpc11...thats me...not by EnerJax... who the f*** is enejax?? and here is the link: link
cthu1hu snkmchnb is an admin around here and he ain't no fool. Was wondering about that though.
dpcdpc11 fool or no fool, admin or no admin.... he hasnt got the right to misinform the people! so he should correct that bad information! cause i made that wallpaper and i deserve some credit, not enerjax.... wtf is enerjax?? explain mister admin!!! and sorry for my ugly language!
snkmchnb dpcdpc11: dude, my bad. i don't know how i put EnerJax up there.. other than i was looking at like 6 other walls at the time. the link i had in the above notes linked to your profile, as i do with all styles. goes to show everyone makes mistakes :P cthu1hu: thanks for the support.
crowmag While I can sypathize with dpcdpc11's desire to recieve credit for his/her creative work, the reaction given tells me that this person has no cool head. First, it is obvious that snkmchnb was not trying to take any credit for the work himself and only making an attempt at acknowledging the author. This makes dpcdpc11's rant misplaced - the anger needs to be directed at EnerJax and a more polite equiry was more approriate. This is precisely why I try not to use artwork from online digital art galleries that leave the copyright information ambiuous. At no place on the corrected link above is there copyright notice information, mearly a link to the supposed author's contact information so how is one to know under what conditions the work can be legally used? The same goes for the styles posted here. Even though it is highly recommended in the Blackbox WM wiki pages conserning style creation that copyright information be inclided in the style, very few people actually do this - setting up ambigous usage questions. I have actually started including that information myself, to make it clear that any redistribution and dirivative works are perfectly legal and allowed so long as the dirivative work carries the same license. Getting back to dpcdpc11, since I believe art is the essence of where the artist's head is at and since it is obvious that his/her head is up his/her a**, I personally woudn't have that on my desktop. For those that like this style, but feel similarly about the wall, here is a link@N00/35353733/ to an alternative wall that has licensing information plainly displayed. I found this by using link free photo search using... Img. Dimensions: 1500px, Orientation: horizontal/landscape, Color search: 498513 (you have to leave off the #) as the search criteria. If you deselect "Site specific (SS)" it will only return images that do not require registration to d/l and use the image. If you don't care for my selection, there seem to be a couple houndred others to choose from. Oh... and btw, nice syle snkmchnb :)
crowmag I'll try the link to the wall again link@N00/35353733/
crowmag Oh well, do the search yourself and find something you like :P
snkmchnb no blame should be put on EnerJax at all, it was a lazy mistake that I made when making the style, i forgot to replace EnerJax's name with dpcdpc11.
dpcdpc11 sorry for my reaction people, but not everyday someone chooses my wallpaper for a screenshot! and i'm not into this copyright stuff... but here is another link to my wallpaper.. its where i posted it the first time... link and i understand your onest mistake heart feelings buddy! and thanks for using my wallpaper! and yeah..btw..i'm a guy!
dgen a perfect style that you can use with some sort of darkish luna of windows :)
good bit of an asshole there. lol calm down m8
Andrei I agreee with crowmag :D. PLS Come and see were i posted my screenshots. TIPE Andrei in search (my name) :P

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